不管是哪种类型的 商业门 你的设施用途, keeping these assets in good working order is an essential part of maintaining day-to-day productivity. 从保持安全意识到保持冷链完整, 一个好的工业门战略具有许多重要的作用.

A costly and time-consuming bout of unplanned downtime due to a stuck or malfunctioning 商业门 could stop goods from entering or exiting your facility on schedule, 把所有相关的过程也从他们的时间表上抛出去.


The main types of 商业门 eligible for service repair and installation by Miner Service Professionals comprise sectional and rolling 铁门. 每一个都有自己理想的用例和目的. 如果你正在建立一个新的设施或进行重大的翻新, 你应该根据你的目的考虑理想的门. 如果你已经有了这两种门, you have to consider the best practices to repair those doors and keep them in top condition.


A 截面门,也被称为头顶门,是多功能的,可以 为您的企业实现各种功能. You can use a 截面门 as a commercial garage door or dock door for a busy supply chain facility. Steel 截面门s come in multiple gauges of steel, and are available on numerous track styles. 钢门上的镶板可以用玻璃制成, 塑料或涂漆的金属,以适应您的建筑外观. Insulated 截面门s are also available for more environmental protection.

Service technicians can protect these doors against potential issues such as slight gaps in the doors or damage to their tracks or cables. Doors that don’t receive proper upkeep may begin to drift or become stuck.


全面的 卷钢门 are a top option if your facility needs a secure and high-performance 商业门 solution. There’s a great deal of flexibility regarding the size of these doors – the door frame can be up to 60 feet in width and 40 feet in height with a standard configuration. 当你安装了新的卷帘门, it comes with a computer-matched counterbalance and an optional motor operator for ease of use. Subtypes of rolling doors include rolling grilles and security shutters for windows.

Common types of damage that may afflict rolling doors include damage to individual sections or slats of the doors. 滚轮可能会丢失,轨道可能会随着时间的推移而弯曲, 而弹簧和钢索也容易断裂. Doors that suffer this damage may be impossible to secure or become stuck in either the open or closed position.


There are numerous reasons to keep your facility’s 商业门s in top condition, 对每一步都给予足够的关注, 从安装到日常维护和紧急维修. 一个单一的可预防的问题可能代价高昂,并造成持久的损害. The following are just a few of the most important motivating factors for your company:


想想你仓库里所有有价值的资产, 配送中心及相关商业建筑设施. From inventory and equipment, to intellectual property and more, there is plenty to protect. Exterior door weakness could compromise all of these elements of your business. For peace of mind during off hours, doors must be of sufficient quality.


If your organization has to maintain a cold chain for perishable food or other temperature-sensitive goods, having the correct doors be well installed and maintained should be a high priority. Both internal and external doors should be checked frequently to ensure their seals are secure, as too much escaping air could significantly increase your temperature control spending.


商业门是您的业务之门, and an equipment failure could have serious repercussions up and down your supply chain. 您的组织是否是制造商, 一个经销商, 零售商或扮演任何相关的物流角色, you cannot afford to have your loading dock shut down for an extended period of time due to dock door trouble. 你的硬件应该经常接受检查, with a technician constantly on call in case an unexpected failure occurs.


There is no 100% guaranteed way to guard commercial overhead door equipment from downtime. This means facilities should work with 商业门 service providers that offer multiple types of assistance This can range from emergency service in the wake of a breakdown to advanced, 基于数据的主动维护.

当你选择MINER, maintenance and repairs come from a national equipment service provider with coast-to-coast reach, the best technicians and the ability to handle every step from door installation to day-to-day upkeep. 这些步骤包括:



If you don’t want to incur the costs of installing new 商业门s before their predicted usable lifespan has elapsed, your best bet is to invest in services that will keep your equipment operating in top condition. Same-day service from Miner is an indispensable door repair option for your facility.

Repair technicians equipped with the most common replacement parts in their vehicles are available to get your equipment working again with minimal disruption and downtime. These personnel are Miner Academy trained to service 商业门s from multiple original equipment manufacturers and of many descriptions. Miner Academy materials are also available for internal personnel so they can take care of some maintenance tasks themselves.


为您的设施资产提供理想的服务和维修选择, 包括商用门, 包括最小的计划外停机时间. 防止需要响应式服务, 你可以对你的基本设备进行主动护理.

Preventative maintenance involves inspections to ensure every asset is in compliance with regulatory standards, 以及OEM规格. Industrial door assets are graded on their suitability, age and current condition. The plan is customized to suit your organization and its 商业门s.


To keep your industrial door systems — as well as everything around them — in top condition, 您应该选择MINER作为您的一体化合作伙伴. MINER’s national scale enables strong relationships with original equipment manufacturers, so your facility will get priority access to replacement 商业门 hardware, 售后部分和更多.

让你的组织有机会接触到训练有素的技术人员, 技术最高,设备最齐全, 基于数据的维护策略, 与MINER合作,成为您首选的高架门公司.

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